Air Moldova, Moldovan CAA Argue over Safety Inspections

Air Moldova, Moldovan CAA Argue over Safety Inspections

DALLAS – Air Moldova (9U) and the country’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) are in the midst of a dispute over the results of inspections at the airline. 

The Moldovan CAA has stated that during unannounced inspections, it found “serious deficiencies” in the carrier’s finances. These deficiencies could cause safety issues and interfere with 9U’s operations.

The Moldovan CAA claims the airline has been selling flights for routes it has yet to be granted permission to operate. Photo: Air Moldova

Financial Difficulties

The regulator states that the carrier has “major financial difficulties” and faces a severe risk of insolvency. It has subsequently requested 9U to submit a corrective action plan, designed to address the situation and continue operations. The Moldovan CAA is now pursuing legal channels to hold individuals accountable for the airline’s problems.

In another move, authorities have also prohibited 9U from promoting summer 2023 ticket sales until the corrective action plan is approved. It claims that the airline does not yet have approval for the flights it has on sale, nor does it have authorization for several destinations listed.

Air Moldova Embraer E190. Image: Alberto Cucini/Airways

Carrier’s Response

However, Air Moldova has responded furiously to these claims, arguing that the CAA’s actions are “unfounded and illegitimate.” It stated that the inspection results were “dubious” and “obviously fabricated.”

Air Moldova also believes the inspection was a result of “political games,” intended to hurt the company’s image and favor other operators in the country. 

It claims the regulator has been compromised and says the inspectors have refused to cooperate regarding the unannounced visit. 9U has said it will take its own legal action against and has notified the country’s general prosecutor.

Featured Image: Air Moldova Airbus A321. Image: Alberto Cucini/Airways

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