August 10, 2022
Air Astana Airbus A320 Skids Off The Runway (+Live Video)

Air Astana Airbus A320 Skids Off The Runway (+Live Video)

MIAMI — An Air Astana Airbus A320-200 skidded off the runway during a windy approach at Astana International Airport.

The incident was captured by a passenger who was filming the heavy crosswind approach, as well as by an observer who was standing in front of the runway.

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Air Astana’s flight KC352 departed Shymkent with 97 passengers and nine crew members.

As seen by the observer’s video, the plane approached Runway 22 with a dramatic crosswind angle.

Upon touching down, the aircraft abandoned the runway, crossing taxiways B and C, before returning to the runway’s centerline.

As seen in the video, the experience included heavy vibrations and terrified passengers.

According to AvHerald, there were no injuries reported.

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However, the plane suffered damage to the number-one (left) engine inlet.

The Airbus A320-200 (P4-KBB • MSN 5613) was delivered to the airline in 2013 and is part of a fleet of other eight A320ceos and one A320neo.

Air Astana boasts a fleet of 31 planes, including Airbus A321, Boeing 757, 767, and Embraer E190.

The overall age of the airline’s fleet is averaging at 8.6 years.

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Local reports confirm that thunderstorms with associated winds reached 49 knots of gusts. In the city, according to AvHerald, a building crane collapsed.

Following the incident, the plane was towed to the apron and all passengers disembarked.

Astana Airport was closed for 40 minutes following the incident.

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