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6/15/1984: Saab 340 Enters Service with Crossair

This is how Swiss regional carrier Crossair (LX) became the launch customer of the Saab 340.

Airlines Routes

Aleutian Airways Adds Third Saab 2000, Expands Summer Schedule

Alaska's newest airline, Aleutian Airways (VC), is expanding its operations by adding a third Saab 2000 to its fleet.


3/26/1992: Maiden Flight of the Saab 2000

Today in Aviation, the prototype Saab 2000 took to the skies for the first time in 1992.

Airlines Manufacturers

Silver Airways Retires Saab 340 Fleet

The aircraft retirement ends ten years of Silver Airways (3M) association with the Saab 340.


9/25/1991: Maiden Flight of the Jetstream 41

The prototype British Aerospace Jetstream 41 took to the skies for the first time today, in 1991, from Prestwick.


8/22/1974: The Short 330 Performs Maiden Flight

Today in Aviation, the prototype Short 330 (G-BSBH) made its maiden flight in 1974. This is its story.


8/12/2002: Darwin Airline is Founded

Darwin Airline was a Swiss regional carrier established on this day in 2002 to fill the void left by Crossair.


Rex Leases Two More Boeing 737-800NG Aircraft

Australian regional carrier Rex has announced the lease of two Boeing 737-800NG planned to fly in the island continent.

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Aer Lingus, Loganair Launch Interline Partnership

On June 2, Aer Lingus announced an interline agreement with Loganair, linking Northern UK to multiple continents.

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WestJet Group Cancels Flights Amid Pilot Strike

WestJet (WS) has begun cancelling flights and grounding aircraft due to the imminent pilot strike announced by the ALPA.

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