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London City Airport Expansion Plans Rejected

The local council has rejected plans to grow passenger numbers to nine million annually and extend operating hours.

London City Airport Eliminates Carry-on Restrictions

Please leave everything inside your bags. Technology is making things easier and faster for travelers at London City Airport.

London City Airport Submits Passenger Expansion Proposal

Under the proposals, LCY's passenger cap would increase to 9 million per year by 2031, but how will the tiny Docklands airport deliver that number?

Trip Report: Flying BA Cityflyer from Berlin-Brandenburg to LCY

Airways takes you on board a BA Cityflyer Embraer E190-SR from Berlin-Brandenburg Airport to London-City Airport.

2/27/1995: Denver Stapleton Airport’s Final Flight

Today, in 1995, Continental Airlines Flight 34 departed Denver's Stapleton Airport. It was Stapleton's last commercial flight.

Loganair Expands London Heathrow Summer Operations

Loganair has announced its plans to expand services at London Heathrow in anticipation of the Summer 2024 season.

What Are the Best Materials for Airport Runways?

Airport runway materials must be exceptionally strong to withstand the pressure of aircraft takeoffs and landings, plus years of frequent use.

London, Hamburg Airports See Passenger Surge in 2023

London Heathrow Airport and Hamburg Airport both experienced a significant surge in passenger numbers in 2023.

Norse Atlantic Airways to Launch London-Las Vegas Route

Norse Atlantic Airways has received approval to launch nonstop flights between London and Las Vegas, which is a significant step in its expansion.

Virgin Atlantic to Increase London-New York/Boston Flights

Virgin Atlantic Airways just announced additional flights from London to New York and Boston for summer 2024.

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