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4/29/1988: The Prototype Boeing 747-400 Takes Flight

Today in Aviation, the world's first Boeing 747-400, registration N401PW, took to the skies for the first time in 1988. 

FAA AD to Address Boeing 747-400/-8 Fuel Pump Issue

The FAA is to adopt an AD for certain Boeing 747-400/-8 after reports of wear-through of fuel tank components.

Asiana to Resume Boeing 747-400 Operations

Asiana Airlines' (OZ) only Boeing 747-400 jet is returning to operation as the airline is upping its capacity on flights to China.

Cargolux to Replace Boeing 747-400 with the 777-8F

Cargolux (CV) has announced its much anticipated fleet renewal plans, replacing all its Boeing 747s with newer 777-8F.

Delta’s Boeing 747-400 Farewell Flight Schedules Announced

MIAMI — It hasn’t been an easy year for the Queen of the Skies. Less than a week ago, United retired the iconic Boeing 747 from its fleet, leaving behind 47 years of continuous, unstoppable service. Read More: Farewell Friend Ship 747:

Joramco to Stablish Boeing Freighter Conversion Line in Jordan

Boeing has signed an agreement with Joramco MRO to open a new conversion line for the 737-800 in Amman, Jordan.

El Al Receives Final Boeing 787 Dreamliner

El Al (LY) has taken delivery of its final Boeing 787 after a historic delivery flight from Seattle.

6/12/1994: First Flight of the Boeing 777

This is the story of the Boeing 777, often known as the Triple Seven.

A New Cargo Airline That Flies the Boeing 747

The United Kingdom welcomes a new dedicated cargo carrier, One Air, which will operate the iconic Boeing 747.

Flying the Lufthansa Boeing 747 to Palma De Mallorca

We had the opportunity to fly on the unique two-hour flight on the Lufthansa Boeing 747 to Palma de Mallorca.

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