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Asia Pacific Airlines to Retrain Crew After FAA Grounds Fleet

The FAA grounded Asia Pacific Airlines' fleet back in February. The cargo airline is now using pilot training to get its jets back in the air.

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Busiest International Asian-Pacific Routes in 2023

Here are the most frequently flown routes in the Asia-Pacific region in 2023.

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Top 10 Most Popular Asian-Pacific Routes

The Asia-Pacific region has seen tremendous growth in air traffic and passenger demand, and it's poised to keep growing.

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ITA Airways to Launch Asian-Pacific Routes

ITA Airways (AZ) will add flights to India and Japan to expand its international network before the year is up.

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United Airlines Expands Transpacific Network

United Airlines (UA) is expanding its transpacific network, becoming the first US carrier to launch flights from the Continental United States to Manila.


7/17/1980: Cathay Pacific Begins Hong Kong to London Service

The launch of Cathay Pacific's (CX) Hong Kong to London service marked the start of the airline's international expansion.


6/04/1948: Philippine Airlines’ First Transpacific Sleeper Service

Philippine Airlines began its first transpacific sleeper service between San Francisco, California, and Manila in 1948.

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US DOJ Becomes Latest Authority to Hinder Korean Air/Asiana Merger

the US Department of Justice (DOJ) has revealed that it is considering filing a suit to block the proposed merger of Korean Air (KE) and Asiana Airlines (OZ).


5/16/1942: Canadian Pacific Airlines Is Founded

Today in Aviation, Canadian Pacific Airlines (CP) was officially formed in 1942. This is the story of how this once well-known airline began.

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Why Does Asia Have So Many Artificial Island Airports?

Airways take a deep dive to discover why Asia is home to so many airports built on artificial islands.

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