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Boeing Pays Alaska Airlines US$160m+ for 737-9 Grounding

Boeing paid Alaska Airlines over US$160m for losses due to the grounding of its 737-9 fleet.

Alaska Airlines to Launch Santa Rosa-Las Vegas Daily Route

In the fall, Alaska Airlines will introduce nonstop flights between California's wine country and Las Vegas.

Alaska Airlines Connects Rose City to Atlanta

Alaska Airlines moves to connect the Rose City with Atlanta.

Airlines Boeing Safety

Alaska Airlines CEO: Flight 1282 Should Have Never Happened

In an NBC News exclusive, Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minicucci reveals his thoughts on Boeing and the ongoing inspections of the Boeing 737-9 fleet.

Alaska Airlines Announces New Toronto Connection

Alaska Airlines revealed on Friday its plans to commence flights between Seattle and Toronto on May 16, 2024.

Alaska Airlines CEO Releases Apology Video Over Door Plug Blowout

Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minicucci apologized to passengers this week in a video published nearly two weeks after the door plug on one of its flights blew off mid-flight.

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-9 Fleet Inspection Update

Alaska Airlines has canceled additional flights scheduled with the 737-9 until Tuesday, January 16, to perform preliminary inspections in the aircraft.

Alaska Airlines Technicians Find Loose Hardware on Boeing 737-9s

Alaska Airlines has just stated that during the preparation for inspections on its Boeing 737-9 fleet, maintenance technicians discovered some loose hardware on certain aircraft.

UPDATE: Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-9 Blows Out Emergency Exit Door

Friday evening, an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-9 made an emergency landing in Portland shortly after take-off due to the sudden loss of a deactivated emergency exit door. These are the latest updates.

Alaska Airlines Takes Delivery of Its First Boeing 737-8

Alaska Airlines takes delivery of its first Boeing 737-8 aircraft, registered N801AK.

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