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Is the Promise of Sustainable Aviation Fuel a Myth?

For all its future glories in the air, will the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) have a negative impact on the ground?

ATR, P&WC Firm Partnership for 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel Future

ATR and Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) have announced a collaboration to achieve 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) use by 2025. Invests in Sustainable Aviation Fuel announced it has invested in the Fulcrum NorthPoint BioEnergy facility for the production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

Boeing, Aviation Capital Group Finalize New 737 MAX Order

Today, Boeing and Aviation Capital Group jointly announced the finalization of an order for 13 737 MAX aircraft.

Opportunities Abound for Sustainable Narrow-Body Aircraft Design

Sustainable aircraft design, specifically of narrow-body planes, has become increasingly important as climate change becomes a more prevalent issue.

Budget Carriers Norwegian, Wizz Air to Invest in Biofuel Production

Low-cost stalwarts Wizz Air and Norwegian Air are the latest LCCs to get proactive in the battle for access to Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

Losing Altitude: Can Aviation Meet the Talent Demand?

Aviation needs next-generation commercial aircraft, new propulsion types, and novel sources of energy.

The Future of Aviation

The commercial aviation industry has pursued higher aircraft/fuel efficiency since its inception, so what does the future hold?

BOC Aviation Boosts Boeing Order Book

BOC Aviation's order for a further 40 Boeing 737-8s is a massive end-of-year boost to the US plane maker's order book.

UK Government Issues Funds to Create Jet Fuel From Household Waste

Five projects across the UK will receive a share of £165m to create sustainable air fuel (SAF) solutions.

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