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10/18/1979: McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Maiden Flight

The McDonnell Douglas MD-80 "Mad Dog" made its maiden flight in Long Beach, California, today in 1979.

8/01/1997: Boeing, McDonnell Douglas Finalize Merger

This is the story of how Boeing completed its merger with McDonnell Douglas on this day in 1997.

5/30/1958: First Flight of the Douglas DC-8

This is the story of the legendary DC-8, from its inception to its first flight in 1958. 

Folded Wings: the Last Douglas DC-10 Passenger Flight

Experience the McDonnell Douglas DC-10's last passenger flight after nearly forty-three years of service.

End of an Era: The Last European MD-82 Is Retired

Bulgarian airline European Air Charter has bid farewell to its last McDonnell Douglas MD-82 (DC-9-82, or 'Mad Dog') aircraft.

8/05/1971: American Airlines Places DC-10 into Service

Today in Aviation, American Airlines (AA) operated the first passenger flight of the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 in 1971.

FedEx Retires the First MD-11F Ever Built

This week, FedEx (FX) retired airframe N601FE, the first McDonnell Douglas MD-11F ever built.

2/22/1993: Maiden Flight of the MD-90

Today in Aviation, the McDonnell Douglas (MCD) MD-90 aircraft took to the skies for its maiden flight in 1993. 

1/08/1997: MD-95 Rebranded as Boeing 717

Referred to as aviation's "best little secret," Boeing saw the potential in the MD-95, which at the time of the merger with McDonnell Douglas was still on the drawing board and decided to continue developing the airliner.

Trip Report: Flying the Mad Dog to the Pearl of the Caribbean

Airways takes you on board a Rutaca Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-83 bound for the Caribbean island of Margarita.

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