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MIAT Becomes New Boeing 787 Operator

After receiving the first of two units this week, MIAT Mongolian Airlines (OM) has become a new Boeing 787 operator. Here are the details.

Omni Air International Leases Boeing 767 to MIAT Mongolian Airlines

Omni Air International (OY) is to lease a single Boeing 767-300ER to MIAT Mongolian Airlines (OM) while the latter awaits its Boeing 787-9 delivery.

Boeing 737 MAX Returns to Service in China

The return to service marks a critical moment for Boeing as it attempts to rebuild its presence in the Chinese market.

The Boeing 737 MAX Returns to China

The beleaguered Boeing 737 MAX jet has been absent from Chinese airspace for almost four years.

December 2019

The mighty Boeing 747 is the central subject of this month’s cover. To commemorate its centenary, British Airways went retro with four special schemes, being the iconic BOAC one of them.  

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