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FedEx Celebrates 50 Years with 50th Boeing 777

FedEx celebrated 50 years of operations with the delivery of its 50th Boeing 777 to replace the oldest MD-11 in the fleet.

8/07/1989: Flying Tiger Line Merged into FedEx

Then the world's largest cargo carrier, the acquisition of Flying Tigers by FedEx helped it expand its global network.

FedEx Downsizes as Revenue Falls

FedEx (FX) has revealed that it would be cutting its fleet by a further 29 aircraft as financial pressures mount.

FedEx Retires the First MD-11F Ever Built

This week, FedEx (FX) retired airframe N601FE, the first McDonnell Douglas MD-11F ever built.

FedEx to Close Pilot Bases in Alaska, California, Germany

Find out why US-based cargo airline FedEx is preparing to close pilot bases in Alaska, California, and Germany.

FedEx Celebrates 50 Years of Operations

50 years ago today, Federal Express operated its first flights out of its base at Memphis International Airport.

FedEx, UPS to Retire MD-11 Freighters

The two largest remaining users of the MD-11 freighter, FedEx and UPS have both announced plans to retire their 20+-year-old trijet fleets.

Interview: FedEx VP Details Expanded Miami Facility

DALLAS – FedEx Express (FX) recently completed a major expansion of its air cargo hub at Miami International Airport (MIA), positioning Miami to play a greater role in the global FX network. In an exclusive interview with Airways, Vice President

DAS2023 Day 2 Recap: Africa’s Presence on the Global Stage

The second trade day of DAS2023 has come to an end, with Africa, a continent with one of the most rapidly emerging markets, leading the pack with over 70 secured orders and options from major manufacturers.

Interview: How ATR Leads the Turboprop Market, Sustainably

Airways discusses ATR's post-pandemic strategy of offering low-emission aircraft in an environmentally conscious world with Alexis Vidal, Senior Vice President of Commercial, ATR.

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