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Explained: Jet and Aviation Fuel

What are the types and properties of fuel used in aviation?

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Explained: The ABCDs of Aircraft Maintenance

Warning: Under Maintenance. If you see this sign at an aircraft facility but don't know exactly what's going on, here's your explainer.

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Explained: The EU Air Safety List

Airways delves into the creation of the EU Air Safety List, its primary characteristics, and the most notable airlines featured on the list.

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Explained: A Look at the Air Traffic Control System

The general public does not see a facet of air travel. Beyond the customer-facing aspects of safety and security lies the exchange between pilots and Air Traffic Control, a part of the National Airspace System.


Explained: How Is the V1 Speed Calculated?

This is how pilots determine the V1 speed, also known as the takeoff decision speed, which is a critical aspect of aviation.

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Explained: Emergency Landings

What alternatives are available to pilots, and what protocols do they adhere to while performing an emergency landing?

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Explained: What Is the Coffin Corner?

What does "coffin corner" or "Q corner" refer to, and why do commercial pilots avoid it? Airways explains.

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Explained: The ICAO CORSIA Scheme

We take a closer look at the ICAO CORSIA Scheme initiative, which aims to reduce the industry's carbon footprint in the next decades.

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Lynx Air, Boeing Terminate 737 MAX Purchase Contract

Canadian ULCC Lynx Air has finalized its agreement with Boeing, canceling its 737 MAX purchase contract.

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Hawaiian Airlines Unveils First Flagship Dreamliner

Hawaiian Airlines unveiled its new flagship Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner to media and employees in Honolulu this last week.

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