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9/04/1971: Concorde’s First Trans-Atlantic Crossing

Today in Aviation, Anglo-French Concorde made its first-ever trans-Atlantic crossing in 1971 to Brazil.

Concorde Is Back in Lego Form

While it may not achieve Mach 2, Lego's new Concorde set will serve as an impressive centerpiece for any living room.

When Concorde Chased a Solar Eclipse

This is the tale of a group of researchers who managed to observe a solar eclipse from the unique perspective of the fastest commercial airplane ever built.

5/24/1976: Two Concorde Land in Washington Dulles

This is the story of how two Concorde supersonic airliners landed at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD).

3/25/1993: First Female Concorde Pilot

Today in Aviation, Barbara Harmer made her first Concorde flight in 1993 as the First Officer of the daily London-New York route.

2/02/1969: Concorde Takes to the Skies

Today in Aviation, the Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde, the Anglo-French turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner icon, first flew in 1969.

1/21/1976: Concorde Enters Synchronized Service

A historic moment in aviation history when British Airways and Air France put Concorde into service.

1/14/1976: British Airways Receives First Concorde

BA's first Concorde G-BOAA was handed over at an official ceremony at Heathrow on this day in 1976.

11/26/2003: Concorde Makes Her Last Flight Ever

G-BOAF was the final Concorde to be built in 1978 and in 2003 became the final Concorde to fly.

11/10/2003: British Airways Concorde Final Flight

To commemorate Concorde's final flight, we list some noteworthy facts and figures about the supersonic airliner.

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