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FedEx Celebrates 50 Years with 50th Boeing 777

FedEx celebrated 50 years of operations with the delivery of its 50th Boeing 777 to replace the oldest MD-11 in the fleet.

FAA Warns of Potential Boeing 777 Engine Defect

The FAA has released a new proposal aimed at addressing a potential issue found in the engines powering Boeing 777 planes.

KLM Introduces New Boeing 777 Cabin

With the imminent retrofit of its Boeing 777 fleet, KLM will offer its new Business Class product on 80% of flights.

6/26/1995: Launch of the Boeing 777-300

The triple seven 300 series had to wait two more years to enter service. It was larger in range and passenger capacity than its predecessor.

6/12/1994: First Flight of the Boeing 777

This is the story of the Boeing 777, often known as the Triple Seven.

Cathay Pacific Eyes Boeing 777-8F For Freight Future

Industry sources have reported that Cathay Cargo looks set to order the Boeing 777-8F for its future freighter requirements.

DHL Orders Nine Converted Boeing 777-200LR Freighters

DHL Express has ordered converted Boeing 777-200LR freighters from Jetran.

World’s First Boeing 777-300ER Converted Freighter Takes Flight

The first "Big Twin" Boeing 777-300ER converted freighter has taken flight.

Cargojet to Sell Two Boeing 777 Aircraft, Defer Conversions

Cargojet plans to sell two Boeing 777-300s that were originally meant to be converted into freighters.

Why a United Airlines Boeing 777 Almost Hit the Pacific Ocean

United Airlines flight 1722 took off, climbed to 2,200 feet, and then descended at a rate of over 8,000 feet per minute.

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