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Ever Planned to Scuba Dive Down to a Boeing 747?

Aircraft fuselages have made their way into ordinary life in many forms, but a rather fascinating one is this Boeing 747 put into sea in Bahrain.

British Airways Boeing 747 BOAC Livery to Be Scrapped

British Airways' iconic Boeing 747 aircraft that bears the BOAC retro livery is to be scrapped due to insufficient funds for visitor access.

Iraqi Airways to Auction Two 40-Year-Old Boeing 747s

If you are looking to buy a second-hand Boeing 747, now may be your chance as Iraqi Airways (IA) prepares to auction a pair of its old jumbo jets.

4/29/1988: The Prototype Boeing 747-400 Takes Flight

Today in Aviation, the world's first Boeing 747-400, registration N401PW, took to the skies for the first time in 1988. 

A New Cargo Airline That Flies the Boeing 747

The United Kingdom welcomes a new dedicated cargo carrier, One Air, which will operate the iconic Boeing 747.

Flying the Lufthansa Boeing 747 to Palma De Mallorca

We had the opportunity to fly on the unique two-hour flight on the Lufthansa Boeing 747 to Palma de Mallorca.


4/14/1971: BOAC Places First Boeing 747 into Service

Today in Aviation, British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) placed the Boeing 747 into commercial service in 1971. 

4/07/1997: Alitalia’s ‘Baci Perugina’ Boeing 747

Today in Aviation, Alitalia (AZ) unveiled its 'Baci Perugina' Boeing 747-200GE at Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO) in the year 1997.

Legacy in the Sky: A Boeing 747 Timeline

Airways delves into the history of the Boeing 747, its variants, and its operators since the program's inception more than 50 years ago.

UPS to Add Two Used Boeing 747-8F’s

UPS (5X) will add two additional Boeing 747-8Fs to its fleet in 2024.

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