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Avianca’s New Nonstop US-El Salvador Routes

The flag carrier of Colombia, Avianca has revealed new nonstop flights from Boston and Orlando to San Salvador city.

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Colombia to Again Review Proposed Avianca-Viva Tie-up

Colombia's Aerocivil had already rejected the proposed Avianca-Viva Air merger once.

Avianca Resumes Bogota-Boston Route

By resuming its Bogota-Boston route next year, Avianca will serve eleven destinations in the United States via 32 routes.

Lufthansa Technik to Provide Component Support for Avianca

The Lufthansa Technik-Avianca contract will provide pool support for up to 16 aircraft over the course of the next nine years.

12/05/1919: Avianca Is Established in 1919

Avianca (AV) was established in 1919, becoming the world's second oldest airline.

Colombian Regulator Rejects Avianca-Viva Air Merger

Colombia's Aerocivil has blocked the planned merger between Avianca and Viva Air. Here's why.

Avianca Cargo Attains IATA CEIV Fresh Certification

Avianca Cargo (QT) celebrated a longstanding commitment to the transport of perishable goods to Miami International Airport (MIA).

Avianca CEO Elected Chairman of ALTA’s Executive Committee

Buenos Aires, Argentina is host to the Annual General Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA).

Avianca, Viva Air Accelerate Tie Up Application

Viva Air management has requested that the integration with Avianca (AV) be of the utmost importance to safeguard its survival.

Avianca, GOL Shareholders Create Abra Group

Find out what this a landmark agreement to form Abra Group means for Latin American air transportation.

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