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1/18/2005: The Prototype Airbus A380 Is Unveiled

In a lavish ceremony befitting Airbus' newest airliner, the prototype A380 (F-WWOW) was unveiled on this day in 2005.

Etihad to Relaunch Airbus A380 London Flights

Etihad Airways has announced the return of its biggest aircraft, the Airbus A380, on its Abu Dhabi-to-London route.

Global Airlines Adds Three Airbus A380s

The UK's newest start-up, Global Airlines, has announced that it has added three more Airbus A380s to its fleet.

Airbus A380 Operators, Shortest Routes in 2023

Airways takes a closer look at the Airbus A380, its current operators, and the shortest routes it operates on so far in 2023.

4/27/2005: First Flight of the Airbus A380

Today in Aviation, the Superjumbo Airbus A380 made its maiden flight in 2005 after three years of development and testing.

The Airbus A380 Returns to Glasgow

The A380 last visited Glasgow Airport in September 2019, right before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Etihad is Ready to Fly the Airbus A380 Again

Etihad (EY) is returning four of its ten Airbus A380s to service to be used on its flagship service to London Heathrow.

Airbus A380 Components Auction Set for October

Airbus is to host a three-day auction for scrapped components of an Emirates (EK) A380.

ANA to Resume Airbus A380 Operations

ANA (NH) will resume operations with its Airbus A380s on its flagship Tokyo, Honolulu route.

Today in Aviation: First Flight of the Airbus A380

MIAMI – Today in Aviation, the Super Jumbo Airbus A380 performed its maiden flight in 2005 after three years of development and testing. The behemoth double-decker came with record-breaking seating capacity, wingspan, and height, and, as the Super Jumbo moniker

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