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Aeroflot Sends Aircraft to Iran for Maintenance

Amid Western sanctions, Russian flag carrier Aeroflot was forced to send an Airbus A330-300 for maintenance to Iran.


Aeroflot Purchases Boeing 777s Stranded in Russia

Aeroflot (SU) has confirmed the purchase of 10 Boeing 777 jets from Irish aircraft leasing firms.

Airlines Routes

Aeroflot, Azur Air Resume Sri Lanka Flights

Aeroflot (SU) was forced to cancel its flights to Colombo (CMB) in June. It has now resumed the route.

Airlines Industry Manufacturers

Aeroflot Group Orders 339 Russian Airliners

Deliveries of the 339 Russian-built jets will commence in 2023 and run until 2030.


ACI Reallocates Aeroflot Slots at London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport's (LHR) slot coordinator, ACL, has reallocated slots belonging to Aeroflot (SU) to these six airlines.

Airlines Industry

Aeroflot Purchases Eight Leased Aircraft

Aeroflot (SU) has bought eight leased aircraft from foreign leasing companies as a way to meet its contractual obligations.


Aeroflot Subsidiary Pobeda Reduces Fleet by 40%

To ensure the supply of spare parts until the end of 2022, Russian carrier Pobeda (DP) has reduced its fleet from 41 to 25 aircraft.


Aeroflot Suspends All Foreign Flights

From March 8, Aeroflot Airlines (SU) will suspend flights to all overseas destinations. The airline will continue to fly to Minsk, Belarus.


American Airlines Suspends oneworld Agreement with Aeroflot, S7 Airlines

American Airlines (AA) has suspended its interline agreements with Aeroflot (SU) and S7 Airlines (S7), making it the latest airline to sever ties with Russian carriers.


Aeroflot Blames US Government For Potential Flight Cancellations

MIAMI — The only Russian airline with direct flights to the United States, Aeroflot, has said that getting visas for its crewmembers to enter US territory has gotten extremely difficult. Either party hasn’t disclosed the reasons for the visa hold-up. However,

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