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Strikes Averted as WestJet, ALPA Reach Tentative Deal

An eleventh hour deal has been struck between WestJet and ALPA, averting planned 72-hour pilot strikes, due to start today.

ALPA: We Don’t Have a Pilot Shortage

There seems to be a looming pilot shortage crisis threatening commercial aviation. ALPA says otherwise.

Turkish Airlines to Expand International Network

Turkish Airlines is planning to launch flights to three new destinations: Detroit, Osaka, and Australia.

Virgin Atlantic Pilots Consider Strike Action

Concerns over fatigue and wellbeing have led Virgin Atlantic (VS) flight crews to consider strike action in the coming months.

United Airlines Pilots Reach Labor Agreement

United Airlines reached a labor agreement with its pilots that include a pay raise and increased life and travel benefits.

Ready for Takeoff: Aircraft Facts You Should Know

Even the most adventurous travelers may not be well-informed about what happens behind the scenes during a regular flight.

Lynx Air Pilot Collective Agreement Negotiations

Lynx Air pilots have sent an official notice to airline management to negotiate the pilot group’s first collective agreement.

US House Panel Backs Pilot Retirement Age Increase

A US House panel has voted to raise the mandatory pilot retirement age from 65 to 67. Who's for and who's against the amendment?

WestJet to Shut Down Budget Airline Swoop

Canadian ultra-low-cost carrier Swoop will close its doors later this year and have its operations absorbed by WestJet.

American Airlines Pilots OK Preliminary Contract Draft

After years of negotiations, American Airlines pilots have reached an agreement in principle on a new contract with the airline that is now pending approval.

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