August 14, 2022
7 Important Rules to Follow for a Hassle-free Airplane Ride

7 Important Rules to Follow for a Hassle-free Airplane Ride


DALLAS – Flying for the first time or doing so after a long time can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There are many things you should do before boarding the plane like planning your trip, packing your luggage, checking in, and knowing the general etiquette for flying.

However, with the right tips, you can boost your confidence, and make your flight easier.  Here are 7 important rules to follow for a hassle-free airplane ride. 

  1. Prepare for Departure Day

Proper flying etiquette starts at the airport before you board the plane. Prepare for your departure and get to the airport early to check in for your flight on time. Have your passport and boarding pass ready as you head to the security checkpoints. Most airlines require passengers to check in at least 90 minutes before departure. Remember that boarding gates also close at least one hour before take-off. 

Therefore, you must plan to avoid doing your things in a rush.  When you take your time to go through all procedures, you can enjoy a seamless travel experience. This will help you not feel stressed or overwhelmed, and you can relax once on board. 

  1. Choose Non-stop Flights 

Another crucial step you can take to enjoy your trip is to avoid connecting flights. If possible, look for a non-stop flight to your destination. Most accidents usually occur when the plane takes off, climbs, descends, or lands, and this can also be attributed to poor weather in different places. Therefore, flying non-stop gives you peace of mind since it helps reduce exposure to some of these likely accidents. 

Using connecting flights to complete your journey can make you feel restless along the way. There is a risk of experiencing delays or missing your connecting flight which can affect your trip. Although airlines may rebook you free of charge if they are responsible for delays, or flight cancellations, such hassles are not good.      

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  1. Pack Cautiously

When you travel to another place, you need to carry different items, and packing them can be a challenge. You should know that overhead storage bins are specifically meant for light objects, so use the space sparingly. Airlines also have a limit on the amount of baggage you can check in for free. Therefore, make sure all your luggage is properly packed in appropriate suitcases. Get the best packaging for your belongings to avoid issues like damage.

Carrying several suitcases can give you unnecessary headaches if you are traveling alone. Pack your belongings in one of your biggest suitcases and always remember the maximum weight that does not attract additional charges. Excessive luggage is not recommended, especially if you intend to use connecting flights.  

  1. Respect Your Space

Once you are on board, you should know that an airplane has limited space. It may not be possible to sit comfortably without disturbing the next person. Therefore, make sure you confine yourself to the space reserved for you so that you don’t interfere with other passengers’ freedom. Allow the passenger on the middle seat to use armrests and abide by the rules.

Even if you are a frequent flier, try to humble yourself and avoid showing off your status. This means you cannot do as you wish, like changing seats randomly. The flight attendants try to accommodate and treat everyone as equal, so never expect special favors once onboard. Do not put flight attendants in an awkward position by making demands beyond their control.  

  1. Listen to the Flight Attendants

When you are on board, remember that you are in a space different from your home, especially when you are in economy class. You must take instructions from flight attendants and ask questions later. The primary purpose of attendants is to ensure safety on an aircraft. 

The information may seem repetitive to frequent fliers, but you still need to listen to any information communicated to the passengers. If you are flying for the first time, feel free to ask the flight attendant anything you may want. Do not bother the person sitting next to you since it is not their job to assist the customers. Respecting other people can help you enjoy your journey.   

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  1. Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol or Caffeine 

Different types of beverages, including alcoholic ones, are served during a flight. When you drink alcohol, you should know that the atmosphere inside the plane is pressurized and different from the normal environment outside. The alcohol you consume affects you more strongly than what it does at sea level. Therefore, moderate your alcohol intake when you are flying, if you want to enjoy the rest of your flight.

Another thing you should know is that caffeine can make you restless. You may struggle to get sleep during a long-haul flight. This can affect you in many ways, and you may not enjoy your journey. It is recommended that you should drink plenty of water instead. This will help you get the much-needed snooze and make you feel refreshed when you reach your destination.

  1. Be Patient

Patience pays if you want to enjoy your air travel. Wait for your turn and avoid behaving in a disorderly manner. As long as you are patient, rest assured that you can get anything you want during the flight. When a flight attendant is pushing a cart with food and drinks down the aisle, don’t touch or grab anything. This will make other passengers and flight attendants uncomfortable and can make your trip unpleasant. 

When the plane lands, make sure you respect the deboarding procedure to enhance efficiency in the movement of people. Everyone wants to disembark, so avoid cutting others. Wait for your turn, and you will realize that everything can move smoothly.  

If you intend to travel abroad, flying is the most convenient transportation mode you can choose. However, there are different measures you should take to ensure a hassle and stress-free flight.  Reading this guide before your next flight can boost your confidence and make you enjoy the journey even more. 

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