MIAMI — United Airlines will be introducing refreshed meal choices in its premium cabins this fall, the carrier said on Thursday. It also said, via release, that it would expanding meals to shorter flights.

Passengers flying in business and first class with the carrier can expect new options for their palettes this fall. United says new salads, wraps, and sandwiches will be on tap, along with Prosecco sparking wine. Some of those new items will include an Asian-style noodle salad, and Italian prosciutto sandwich on tomato focaccia.

United Express flights will also receive “fresh meal options, replacing the existing snack boxes. Longer, transcontinental mainline flights will continue to offer one of three choices: beef, chicken, or pasta.

The carrier also said it would be significantly revamping its offerings across the board, including in long-haul economy. It did not elaborate.

Most interestingly, however, was the carrier’s announcement that it would be expanding full meal options to flights over two hours and twenty minutes (or 800 miles). The previous cutoff was 900 miles.

“These changes mark the beginning of an extensive overhaul of our North America and international food service, offering travelers a level of service above that offered by our peers,” said Lynda Coffman, United’s vice president of food services.

That contrasts with rival American’s recently announced decision to cut meal service on flights under two-hours, forty-five minutes. It cited the need to align experiences with merger partner US Airways as the primary reason for the change, prompting reactions from ambivalence to rage from its frequent fliers.