MIAMI — It may not be raining today at the San Jose International Airport, but it is awfully wet. A break in a hot water main Monday morning forced the closure of Terminal A, leaving a “skybridge” and parts of the baggage claim covered in several inches of standing water.

The incident took place early Monday morning in terminal A, just after 2AM. While crews were able to quickly shut down the ruptured line, it wasn’t in time to prevent substantial flooding. The terminal was shut down as the airport worked to clean up the mess.

Flights normally departing from the terminal have been moved into terminal B for the time being, causing long lines and delays.  Terminal A is home to the majority of the airlines serving the airport, and sixteen of 28 gates.

The airport plays a role as a substantial focus city for both Alaska Air and Southwest Airlines. It was in the news already today after Delta announced they would begin four daily flights from Seattle, fanning the flames on the ongoing west coast battle with Alaska