MIAMI — With 2016 (simultaneously the worst year ever and the best year ever) now more or less in the record books, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the 10 most read stories for Airways Mag over the course of the past year.

1. Op-Ed: Pilots Can be Heroes, but Also Murderers

Number one is a heart-wrenching and gut-punching op-ed from our editor in chief, as Enrique opines about the occasionally cavalier and dangerous mindset of Latin American pilots in the wake of the crash of LAMIA Flight 2933.

2. The New “Sully” Movie: How Accurate?

The second most read piece of the year is a good old-fashioned av-geek breakdown by Eric Auxier of the Sully movie put out by Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks earlier this year. Based just on the trailers, Captain Auxier concludes that there are a couple of mistakes here and there but that overall the Sully movie is accurate to the facts.

3. American Airlines’ 2016 Fleet Plan

Piece number three is a great, detailed breakdown of American Airlines’ fleet plan in 2016 put together by our staff. Awesome overview of the year to come, though they didn’t count on number eight (see below).

4. ANALYSIS: A320neo vs. 737 MAX: Airbus is Leading (Slightly) – Part I

Number four is a story about the Boeing and Airbus narrowbodies by some guy named Vinay Bhaskara. I’ve heard he’s great at the whole writing thing.

5. Iron Maiden Kicks Off Tour With a New, Upgraded Ed Force One

Story number five is a quick hitter news piece about Iron Maiden’s Tour kicking off with an upgraded “Ed Force One” Boeing 747 tour jet. The lesson, as with many 2016 events (think Brexit; Trump, Donald), is that nostalgia in Western countries is alive and kicking.

6. The First Airbus A350-1000 Completes Body Join

Story number six is another quick hitter news piece about the first A350-1000 completing its body join in Toulouse. The first A350-1000 will be delivered in mid-2017.

7. First Airbus Made in U.S. Rolls Out of the Alabama Final Assembly Line

Story number seven is yet another quick hitter news piece about the first US made Airbus rolling off the final assembly line in Mobile, Alabama. The story of Airbus in the US is another discussion for another time, but suffice to say a historic moment for US and global aviation.

8. American Airlines to Retire the Airbus A330-300 by 2018

Hey look it’s that Vinay Bhaskara guy again. Is he as good of a writer as they all say he is?

9. EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: An Inflight Review & Inside Look Southwest Airlines’ New Cabin

This great piece by Ben Wang took readers inside Southwest’s new Heart cabin, which is meant as an upgrade over the Evolve seats that Southwest had introduced a few years ago. Having just flown Southwest this week on a plane with the Heart interior, I’m not 100% sold, but a great piece nonetheless.

10. United Airlines 2016 Fleet Plan

Piece number ten really dates back to December 2015 and… hey look it’s another fleet plan piece. Great work as always by our team in putting those together.