PARIS — The big buzz before the Paris Air Show this year was all about the incredible images and video coming out of Boeing with its 787-9 Dreamliner’s steep takeoff angle. With its powerful turbofans spinning, the Dreamliner’s elegant shape and agile turning captured the imagination — and to aviation fans in the industry, the days at the Paris Air Show haven’t disappointed.

Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Dassault… between the 4.5th generation Dassault Rafale fighter jet pulling a bucketload of Gs and the A380 looking more like a model than the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the views and the videos have been amazing. Attendees at the Paris Air Show’s public days this weekend are in for a thrill.

Boeing’s 787-9 was as amazing in its preparations as it was at Paris.


The Dreamliner’s silhouette and the gleaming Vietnam Airlines livery made the most of a sunny Paris day on Wednesday, with a tight and graceful acrobatic display, raked wingtips flashing in the sunshine.

787-Dreamliner-Paris-Air-Show-takeoff - copia

The teething problems of the Boeing 787 seemed to have been forgotten as the Dreamliner soared in the skies above Paris.

787-Dreamliner-Paris-Air-Show-angling - copia

It feels a little odd to talk about Airbus’ A380 MSN001 as an old friend, but this was the first superjumbo to have flown at Paris a decade ago, when the airframer introduced its big white hope to adoring crowds.

A380-at-PAS - copia

Even as the future of the A380 programme itself is under something of a cloud, the whale jet seemed light on its wings and well up for the floating manoeuvres its expert pilots demanded of it, even in a sped-up time-lapse:

The CS300 stretch of Bombardier’s CSeries midsize regional jet made its first flying display at Paris this year, and it looked great in the skies.

Fortunately for the little jet, it was scheduled early in the display timetable, before the behemoths of Airbus or the screaming roar of Dassault’s Rafale jet, which let the Canadian airframe show itself off without reference to other aircraft before the Rafale’s afterburners shook the ground.

Rafale-at-PAS15 - copia

All in all, if you’re anywhere near Paris this weekend, head down to Le Bourget for an incredible set of flying displays. If you’re not? Fortunately, you’re living in the age of high-definition video and live broadcasting. Keep an eye on the web for some great footage.