TBILISI – MAAS Aviation has announced a brand new purpose-built paint shop at Kaunas Airport (KUN) in Lithuania following a multi-million Euro investment. The project was done in collaboration with FL Technics to create a world-class re-delivery center to keep up with the existing demand in the market.

MAAS Aviation is a recognized expert in the field of aircraft painting. The new ultra-modern Lithuanian facility is adjacent to the FL Technics MRO building. The latter is an indicator that those interested in leasing would have tremendous economic benefits.

According to MAAS Aviation’s press release, having another recognized MRO facility right next to a newly built high-quality paint shop cuts costs, minimizes complexities and headaches, and ensures smooth servicing overall.

The Facility

The facility itself can accommodate up to two A321 aircrafts at the same time. It is a pioneer of modern aircraft paint shops in Lithuania, promoting the country globally in terms of the industry. The project increases the company’s overall MRO capacity in Europe by 40%. The latter indicates an increased ability to service more airlines and attract new companies interested in leasing the facilities.

“Demand for our paint shops has always exceeded supply, so this additional capacity supports our growth ambitions and represents a logical next step for us” says Tim Macdougald, CEO of MAAS Aviation.

MAAS Aviation has had great success in the last couple of years, increasing their paint shop quantity from three to eleven facilities ranging from Europe to the US. The company is forecasting to service up to 300 aircrafts in the year 2021. MAAS aviation operates by the OEM standards and is considered to be one of the top aircraft painting companies worldwide.

MAAS Aviation Video from 2019

Featured image: MAAS Aviation