MIAMI — You never really know what you might find in the depths of Craigslist – from apartment hunting to used iPads, it seems you can find just about anything on the site. What a few posters did not expect, however, was an airline to answer their “rideshare” request, looking to “#FlyItForward” and spread some holiday cheer.

Earlier this month, JetBlue scanned through the New York Craigslist rideshare page, searching for a few lucky posters looking for rides out of New York to visit family for the holidays. JetBlue selected a few posters who were seeking rides to Boston, Buffalo, and Vermont, and elsewhere, but not by air. Over a Skype video chat, two JetBlue employees surprised unsuspecting people with free flights to their desired cities, resulting in quite a bit of shock at first.

“A couple months ago, one of our crewmembers on the design team came forward with this ‘Fly It Forward’ concept after being inspired by the documentary ‘Craigslist Joe’ and the inspirational message it offered,” said Morgan Johnston, Manager of Corporate Communications for JetBlue.

“We decided there was something to the idea of looking for those opportunities outside of specific requests of us, and trying to help some of those people that weren’t expecting the help. It’s why we reached out to Peter Shankman when he decided to selflessly give his frequent flier miles on another carrier to help his audience get home, and it’s why we decided to fly it forward ourselves. It was exciting to surprise a few unsuspecting NEW customers with some flights home – and while we can’t do the same for everyone, we like to say that we would do it for anyone.”