MIAMI — Every time I visit SeaTac something new appears related to Delta, and this latest visit was no exception. This time it was a brand new ticket counter to start a fresh journey on.

Walking up to the new Sky Priority check-in zone and you’re greeted by a swank looking mini-oasis. The bright red walls contrasted with a clean white were both soft and exciting at the same time, setting the mood nicely for my flight in first class to Atlanta. For the first time in years I checked a bag, which was quickly tagged to my final destination of Dubai and whisked away.

Running behind, I made my way quickly to security only to be dismayed by long lines. A ticket in first class enabled usage of the premium lanes, which helped some, but still moved quite slowly thanks to only one TSA person being assigned. Nearly thirty minutes and one freedom search later I broke free and headed toward the S concourse.


The SkyClub, located in the middle of concourse S, was very busy thanks to the international departures rush. A modest selection of food graced a quasi-buffet, while a full service bar beckoned with the usual selections of liquor. A variety of seating arrangements filled the space, catering to a multitude of needs. Having been laid up in security our stay wasn’t long, but the visit accomplished what it needed to: top off the electronics, tie up some loose ends at the desk, have a drink and, most importantly, stock up on Biscoff for the week (they’re addictive).

On Board

Boarding began on-time and followed the predictable pattern of first class, loyalty members, etc. I settled into seat 5D on the Boeing 757 (75X configuration, for the super hardcore among us), and was promptly offered a selection of preflight beverages along with a menu for lunch. Bucking this author’s trend to pick up orange juice, I instead went for a cocktail, which was quite enjoyable. The door closed around the same time the remainder of the cocktail had gone down the hatch, and off we went for an on-time departure.

In flight service began a short while later. I chose a southwest-style chicken salad, with a side of fruit and oatmeal maple cookie. Admittedly this author was a bit skeptical of the salad choice, but was delightfully surprised: Lettuce was crisp, vegetables fresh, and the chicken moist and well marinated. Later in the flight, not long before landing, a selection of snacks was offered: I raided the supply of Biscoff.


In between I had three hours to get acquainted with the seat. Being domestic first, the seat was comfortable but nothing to write home about. Thirty-eight inches of pitch provided sufficient legroom. A modest recline, combined with a pillow and blanket, were enough to enable a quick power nap. Power plugs were fitted in an inconvenient location under the seat, making it hard to reach. It did not matter anyways, as they were not working in our row.

The inoperative power plugs left more time, however, to enjoy the in-flight entertainment (IFE). The touch screen, about eight inches wide, was on par for domestic first cabins. Movie, TV, and music selections were standard. We watched the movie “2 Guns” utilizing the free, though less than spectacular, earbuds. Following the movie we took advantage of the liveTV, watching a healthy dose of Comedy Central.


Four hours after leaving a rain soaked Seattle we greased the runway at Atlanta Hartsfield. A gate mix-up led to a longer than usual taxi time, though we still parked at the gate close to on time. While normally we would’ve stuck around for some pictures we had to run, literally, to catch our connection flight five terminals away to Dubai.

Bottom Line

Overall the flight was good. The new check-in area, clearly denoting the increasing importance of Seattle to Delta, looks wonderful and ran smoothly. The SkyClub is bright and roomy, even while busy. Food selections could afford a bit of improvement, though as long as they have Biscoff this author is happy.

On board the experience met expectations. Cabin crew were friendly and attentive. The food was good. IFE had a reasonable selection of choices, and the liveTV was a great addition. The screen size, while a bit small, was appropriate given the pitch.

Bottom line? It was a good flight, and we would gladly fly Delta domestic first again.