MIAMI – Frankfurt Airport’s (FRA) long-awaited Terminal 3, due to launch in 2023, has been delayed by another two more years. The delay is yet another COVID-19 side effect.

Key management of Fraport forecast a positive growth in air traffic in the coming years and hence have decided not to halt the works on the new Terminal 3 despite COVID-19. If halted, the impact would bring in several additional costs, straining the airport further.

Frankfurt Airport.

Pier G to be Finished Earlier

Pier G of the new terminal will however be completed earlier than the rest. The pier is specifically built to serve low-cost airlines. The construction of this is going at a positive pace and expects to be completed by next year’s summer and will be able to accommodate 5 million passengers per annum.

The remaining and major part of terminal 3 will feature two piers and 24 bridged gates beside the common passenger hall. The terminal will boost capacity to 14 million passengers per year, and 25 million when fully complete.

The new terminal is being built on the southern part of the airport approximately 2.6 kilometers from Terminals 1 and 2. A 5.6-kilometer long train line connection is being built to connect the three terminals.

Featured image: Fraport overview. Photo: Frankfurt Airport