MIAMI — Tomorrow is the final day of AirTran operations, and starting Monday morning, AirTran will be fully integrated with Southwest.

AirTran was a unique airline, and it was loved by many. It became the first low-cost-carrier – and so far only LCC in the United States – to offer a Business Class cabin on its aircraft. Plus, it also became the first U.S. airline to have its entire fleet equipped with GoGo WiFi which played a significant role in its commercials.

AirTran was also known for its low fares, and its commercials in the early 2000s provided some ideas on what to do with its low fares when faced with different scenarios.


Below are our five favorite AirTran commercials that we think will make you laugh, and some of them can provide some great flying advice.

#5: Close Your Computer

With GoGo WiFi on all AirTran aircraft, the airline decided to run a series of ads focusing on “Internetiquette.” Rule number one: always close your computer.

#4: When You’re Fired Over the Phone

What do you do if your boss fires you over the phone while they’re traveling for business? AirTran has the answer.

#3: How to Take Advantage of Low Air Fares

In a commercial from the early 2000s, AirTran taught us how to take advantage of low fares. Fly your in-laws/parents into town on AirTran for a visit. Next, have your bags packed and ready to go, and the rest is history. (No mom and dad, I would never leave you in this position.)

#2: Where Not To Have a Meeting While Flying

AirTran also liked to promote having GoGo WiFi on all of its aircraft, and with WiFi, businessmen would be able to be more productive. However, where should you have a meeting on-board the flight?

#1: Don’t Fall Asleep With WiFi On-Board

With GoGo WiFi, once can do just about anything, including have an online auction. Be careful if you fall asleep!

BONUS: Skip the Stampede – Fly AirTran Airways

This commercial is not quite about advice, but it is worth mentioning.

During the 2010 SuperBowl, Southwest Airlines ran a commercial promoting that bags fly free. However, there was a twist to it.

At the end of the commercial, Southwest baggage handlers flashed a blurred-out AirTran plane with the words “we love bags” written on their chests. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate the commercial on YouTube to share in this post.

AirTran Airways did take some offense to the Southwest commercial, and they responded with a commercial of their own.

Now, the duking out seems a bit ironic as AirTran will officially be integrated into Southwest by Monday.