LONDON — Day two wrapped up in Farnborough as clouds gave way to sun and even more spending. Nearly $35 billion was dispensed of, paling in comparison to last year’s Dubai but still a pretty respectable number.

Airbus stole the show, booking a total of 239 orders today alone (yesterday was 155). Predictably narrow-body orders led the charge, though the vast majority came from one giant order from leasing firm SMBC.

Boeing finally secured some 777 classic orders, something sure to help them out as it faces down a production gap between classic and 777X. But while the orders certainly help, it represents only a small fraction of the two year gap. At present the twelve it got only fill one and one half months at current production rates.

In other order news, Avolon, a leasing group, signed up for 15 A330neo aircraft in a deal worth $4.1 billion. The company also placed an order for Boeing’s 787-9 yesterday; six to be exact. During yesterday’s press conference Avolon’s CEO remarked that the A330neo and 789 were set to go head to head and praised the 787-9 as a “category killer.” If it’s such a category killer, why buy its competition?

Mitsubishi’s Regional Jet has been having a surprisingly good show thus far, booking up to ten more orders today. Air Mandalay, a Myanmar-based carrier, placed six firm orders for the MRJ90, with options for up to four more. That’s on top of yesterday’s curious order from Easter Air Lines for up to 40 MRJ90s. The MRJ is a somewhat forgotten project, particularly in the US where Bombardier and Boeing get the most attention. But the airplane is up to 325 commitments, of which 165 are firmed. That includes 50 from American carrier Skywest.

Bombardier’s Q400 aircraft continued its steady trickle of orders. Following Alaska’s order for one airplane this morning, Falcon Aviation Services signed a letter of intent for five of the popular turboprop. The firm isn’t a stranger to Bombardier, having also firmed its order a handful of C Series jets earlier this week. It also already has three Q400 on order, announced earlier this year. Abu Dhabi aviation was identified as a two-plane Q400 customer from a firm order that had previously been anonymous, but part of the backlog. That places Bombardier’s order count for the day up to six airplanes.

Oh yeah, and in case you missed it, top Airbus executives and the CEO of Air Asia Group exchanged kisses today. Airbus CEO Bregier kissed Air Asia Group CEO Fernandes, unexpectedly. Fernandes announced that their relationship had now forever changed, having “tasted your lips.” Sadly I was taking notes, and thus missed the photo of the show (something I’ll forever regret), but luckily(?) the kissing continued. Airbus COO John Leahy wound up kissing Fernandes, not with nearly as much gusto as Bregier we might add. And finally Fernandes kissed Leahy, while Leahy unsuccessfully protested that he should really direct his affection toward Bregier. So yeah, that happened. Not too often you see top executives of the multi-billion dollar companies smooch each other with joy.

Airbus, 239:

50 A330-900neo, AirAsiaX / MOU
16 A330-900neo, CIT / MOU
15 A330neo, Avolon / firm
110 A320neo, SMBC / firm
7 A320neo family, BOC / firm
36 A320ceo family, BOC / firm
5 A321neo, CIT / MOU

ATR, 7:

7 ATR 72-600, ALC / firm

Boeing, 42:

6 777-300ER, Intrepid Aviation / firm
6 777-300ER, ALC / firm
10 787-9, CIT / firm
20 737 MAX 8, ALC / firm

Bombardier, 6:

1 Q400, Alaska Air Group / firm
5 Q400, Falcon Aviation Services / LOI

Embraer, 30:

30 E195 E2, Azul / LOI

Mitsubishi, 6:

6 MRJ90, Mandalay / firm

Viking Air, 2:

2 Twin Otter, Air Seychelles / firm