MIAMI — The question has been asked time after time over the last year: “What will become of the new American Airlines livery?” While we don’t yet have a definitive answer, we now have a clearer picture of what will be happening. On Monday night, American Airlines and US Airways announced via Twitter that they will be allowing their employees to vote on the future of the livery. Should it stay, or should it go?

While the old American Airlines livery will not be coming back, the newly merged airline is considering a modified version of the new livery. The change would see the “party tail” vanish, replaced with the classic AA logo. The fuselage would remain painted silver, and the new “flight symbol” and large American billboard style titles would remain.

“I think our livery should represent the American brand well-it should be professional, and it should be cost efficient-but it is not a make or break decision for our airline. And since it is  important to our team members, I think our team members should decide,” said Doug Parker in the internal “Arrivals” newsletter on Monday night.

While some employees may want to revert to the classic American Airlines livery, it simply isn’t possible, explains Parker. “We can’t continue with the traditional American buffed silver look as there is no good way to convert the US Airways fleet to polished silver because of the materials used on Airbus aircraft… In addition, the B787 and A350, both of which we have on order, are composite aircraft and that material cannot be converted to a shiny metallic look.”

So, where does American go from here? The employees of the merged airline will vote, and the party tail may be history. In addition, there is finally some clarity on the “heritage” aircraft liveries. “Even as we look to the future, we want to embrace our history because we are proud of it,” said Parker. “We will continue that tradition at American, including introducing a TWA aircraft in the future and keeping a US Airways livery aircraft. That also means we will keep a heritage American livery in the fleet.” Voting closes Thursday, Jan. 2 at noon Central Time, so you better find an American Airlines or US Airways employee to bother and try to sway their vote soon!