first flight

MIAMI — This morning Bombardier Aerospace confirmed that the first flight of their new CSeries passenger jet is now “expected to occur in the coming weeks.”

CS100 Flight Test Vehicle 1 (FTV1) was originally scheduled to fly at the end of 2012, then by the end of June, and was most recently delayed to the end of July. Now that we’re a week away from the end of the month, there are still ground tests to be done.

Mike Arcamone, President, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft said, “While the process has taken more time than we had expected, we are pleased with the results and are very comfortable taking more time to ensure the required integration is finalized and the CSeries aircraft is cleared for its first flight.”

FTV1’s Pratt & Whitney PW1500G Geared Turbofans and the aircraft’s Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) are operating smoothly. Additional systems testing and final software integration is underway on this technologically-advanced aircraft. As well, vibration, low speed and high speed taxi tests still have to be completed before FTV1 flies for the first time.

Bombardier has invited Airways to attend FTV1s first flight. We’ll be there to cover it for you, when it happens!