LONDON — Boeing detailed new passenger experience goals for its 777X program Tuesday in Farnborough.

Critics of the jet have pointed to the perceived steps backwards to aluminum fuselages after major advances in paxex in the 787 program. But Scott Fancher, Boeing’s general manager of airplane development, announced that many of the advances wrought from the 787 will be carried  over to the 777.

“We’re going to replicate [the 787 interior] and go beyond [with the 777X cabin]” said Fancher. That means, according to Fancher, next-gen LED lighting, lower cabin noise, higher humidity, 15% larger windows, and a cabin pressurization of 6,000 feet.


Yet how exactly Boeing would accomplish such a feat remains unknown, with Boeing largely dodging related questions. Instead, Fancher says Boeing “understands the structure well.

We understand our product well.” ” We know how much design margin [we have]. We figured out a way to embed that capability [lower cabin altitude] in [the 777X] with modest investment.

Certainly interesting developments, but ones that still beg more questions than answers.