MIAMI — Turboprop passenger-plane maker ATR scored a firm order for 25 firm airplanes plus 50 options from lessor Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) on Monday.

The order consists of 50-seat ATR 42-600s, which have generally been less popular than its larger ATR 72 sibling. NAC Chairman Martin Moller alluded to that in a prepared release, remarking that the ATR 42 was undergoing a “renaissance” (that is no doubt fueled in part by his order). Moller did not specify where the airplanes would be placed.

Separately the French manufacturer touted that it had reached 144 firm orders through 2014, a new record, and more than all of last year’s orders combined. Today’s order places the current backlog at 325 aircraft.

ATR’s regional line of turboprops have enjoyed significant market penetration throughout much of the world.  Notable exceptions include China, Russia, and the US, which have generally swung for its competitor, Bombardier’s Q400. ATR’s airplanes became unpopular in the US back in the 1990s, after a series of high profile accidents damaged customer confidence in the airplanes’ safety.