MIAMI — Almost 20 years after the first Airbus A330 was delivered to Air Inter in January 1994, Airbus delivered their 1,000 A330 to Cathay Pacific Airways on July 19. With today’s delivery to Cathay Pacific Airways, the Airbus A330 became the first Airbus wide-body aircraft and fourth wide-body overall to reach 1,000 deliveries. A special ceremony was held in Toulouse to celebrate the historic 1,000th delivery to Cathay Pacific Airways.

(Credits: Airbus S.A.S.
(Credits: Airbus S.A.S.)

Cathay Pacific Airways and their sister airline, Dragonair, are the world’s largest operator of the A330, with a total of 56 now in service. “The A330 has played an integral part in Cathay Pacific’s growth and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership in the future,” said Ivan Chu, Chief Operating Officer, Cathay Pacific Airways. “The A330 is the backbone of our mid-size fleet and we are delighted with the reliability, flexibility and above all the economics of this great aircraft. We are very proud to be the recipient of the 1,000th A330.”

The A330-300 was the first variant that took its maiden flight in November 1992. It entered into service in November 1994, and as sales started to dwindle, Airbus introduced the A330-200 variant in 1998. The A330-200 has proven to be more popular than the A330-300. Just last month on the day of the A350’s first flight, the world’s highest capacity A330 was delivered in a high density, single-class 416-passenger configuration – the most ever on an A330.

The world's highest capacity A330 leaving Toulouse last month. (Credits: Chris Sloan)
The world’s highest capacity A330 leaving Toulouse last month. (Credits: Chris Sloan)

Significant A330 Facts Courtesy of Airbus:

  • The A330 can fly up to 7,250 nautical miles non-stop
  • 1.2 billion passengers have flown the A330
  • The aircraft has clocked up over 25 million flight hours in over 5.5 million flights
  • 1000 A330s delivered, more than 100 operators in over 40 countries and serving 300 airports world-wide
  • An A330 aircraft takes off or lands every 23 seconds
  • Airbus has received more than 1,250 A330 orders

Only three other wide-body aircraft types have reached 1,000 deliveries. The 1,000th 777  was delivered to Emirates in March 2012  which occurred almost 17 years after the first delivery. Almost 29 years after the first 767 delivery, the 1,000th 767 was delivered to ANA in February 2011, and 23 years after the first 747 delivery, the 1,000th 747 was delivered in February 1993.