Turkey Restricts Pilots Joining Foreign Airlines
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Turkey Restricts Pilots Joining Foreign Airlines

DALLAS – The Turkish Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) announced that a change has been made in the regulation regarding the working status of pilots.

The DGCA has amended the regulation on crew transfers, restricting the transfer of Turkish pilots to foreign companies for six months. The DGCA will therefore not accept applications of Turkish pilots to work for foreign airline companies for the aforementioned period.

The amendment aims to ensure that Turkish airline companies’ crew planning and flight operations are not disrupted and flight safety is not adversely affected during the summer season and beyond.

According to the amended article, the applications of flight crews who want to join foreign airline companies by leaving their current job without a permission certificate will not be accepted.

Pegasus Airlines TC-NBA Airbus A320Neo. photo: Julian Schöpfer/Airways

Statement from Hava-İş Union

The Civil Aviation Union of Turkey (Hava-İş) put out a statement regarding the amendment made by the DGCA, saying, “We will be in contact with DGCA in the coming days regarding the circular titled UOD 2015-13 on Crew Transfers published by DGCA today and at the same time, our legal consultancy is conducting an investigation.”

Hava-İş added, “Our initiatives will continue to protect the interests of our members regarding the amendment. We will share the developments with you in the coming days.”

Featured image: Airbus A321-200, TC-JTA of Turkish Airlines. Photo: Tony Bordelais/Airways. Article sources: aydinlik.com, DGCA

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