Lufthansa Nonstop you. Frankfurt to London City, is a short commuter flight with up to four daily rotations, all operated by the Embraer E190 aircraft.

In this review, I will take a look at the last rotation of the day and consider the service provided Lufthansa from booking the flight right through to getting back home to London.

Flight Details

Flight Number: LH936
From: Frankfurt Airport Germany FRA/EDDF
To: London City Airport LCY/EGLC
Ticket Cost: £89.02 (Ticket+taxes)
Departure Time Planned: 18:15
Departure Time Actual: 18:13
Arrival Time Planned: 18:45
Arrival Time Actual: 18:52
Aircraft: D-AECE Embraer E190
Seat: 18A

Booking the Flight

This flight was booked using the Lufthansa mobile application for the iPhone. The app is efficient to use but can be a little bit clunky and sometimes you find yourself back at the beginning if you make a small mistake.

Like many full-service airlines, Lufthansa offers various fare classes in the economy, namely “Light”, “Classic” and “Flex”. Each offers increasing level flexibility and service.

I chose the classic fare, which included one carry-on bag (8kg), one checked bag (23kg) onboard snacks and beverage service and a seat reservation, plus the option to rebook the flight for a fee.

The Light fare includes carry-on baggage only and beverage service on board the Flex fare includes the option to change to an earlier flight on the day.

Airport Experience

Frankfurt Airport is like the crystal maze, every time I go near it I find another corridor, another flight of stairs another passage to Narnia.

There is a lot of construction work being done around the airport, so always approach Frankfurt with fresh eyes and ears as it may have changed around since your previous visit.

Checking in was an unusual process, as the standard automated check-in kiosks work differently here.

You scan your boarding card when you get to the front of the queue and print your baggage tag off when you reach the baggage conveyor. Plenty of Lufthansa staff was on hand to assist with the process, however.

Security was a breeze; I was through the queue and into the departure lounge in less than three minutes. Frankfurt has in my experience very thorough but professional and helpful security staff.

Lufthansa is clearly the dominant career at Frankfurt, there branding is everywhere. It’s a yellow sea accented with the trademark stylised crane logo.

There are plenty of places to eat, drink and shop it’s almost impossible to get bored waiting for your flight.

By moving around it is very easy to find somewhere offering excellent views of the runways and apron. Our flight was to board at gate B31, the seating area adjacent offered views over a large section of taxiway and runway so I could see and log everything to my heart’s content.

When I checked in I was quoted gate B31 and 24 hours later, that turned out to be true.


Boarding was very slick, considering we were to be bused to an aircraft on a remote stand.

Boarding was called at about 1730 starting with business class, frequent fliers and Star Alliance loyalty card holders, shortly that after general boarding was called, though this was merely for the bus.

As the flight was only about 50% full, two buses did the job adequately.

I boarded by the rear steps and was greeted by a friendly and polite member of cabin crew who welcomed me on board sincerely and graciously

Onboard Experience

Our chariot to London was a first for me on two counts, having never flown an Embraer E190 before or indeed a flight operated by Lufthansa Cityline.

Delivered in 2010, our chariot felt fresh and modern inside, the cabin was fitted with slimline Recaro seats standard across the rest of the Lufthansa short haul fleet.

I was lucky as this flight was so lightly loaded I had the set of two seats to myself.

The aircraft is a 2×2 seating configuration with 25 rows of seats. The pitch is estimated at 32 inches by seat guru, the individual seat is upholstered in dark grey leather.

It is comfortable and with slightly more legroom than usual making for an unusually spacious flight.

The seat in front of you does not have supports underneath in the middle, increasing the available space for your paws, though if you were sat next to someone I can see an involuntary game of footsy soon kicking off.

Interestingly Lufthansa does not include rows 13 or 17 in their seating plans, I was intrigued by this and reached out to them on Twitter, they confirmed that the number 13 and 17 were considered unlucky in different countries hence they have omitted these rows.

The overhead lockers are a little smaller than you would find on equivalent Boeing or Airbus aircraft so if your hand baggage is at the larger end of the spectrum you may struggle fitting it overhead.

The windows are a little unusual being more oval shaped and when I was sat down my eye line naturally drew level with the window.

I could look out without having to contort into an uncomfortable or awkward position; it is always a bonus not to have a crick in the neck when getting off the plane.

We pushed back a couple of minutes early, and took off smoothly to the west. For any #avgeek Frankfurt is the paradise where dreams are made there is always something interesting on the deck.

After a smooth climb and turn to the north, about ten minutes after departure the cabin crew were released and started a quick inflight service.

Travelling in Germany is a wonderful experience and Lufthansa represents a cross between German efficiency and German hospitality.

The cabin crew on my flight were friendly, but very matter of fact and to the point, which is often the way in Germany. The service started with a trolley of sandwiches the choice was either cheese or pastrami, I chose the former.

It was a slice of Leerdammer cheese, between two pieces of cardboard with a pickled vegetable and mustard relish. It tasted rather nice, but the bread was hard, dry and chewy and the portion was hardly three mouthfuls.

Once the sandwiches had been served a second trolley was passed around with a drinks service.

Lufthansa offers red and white wine, beer, a range of fruit juices and water complimentary. I just had water, which was served in a branded cup, it was however cold and refreshing.

I have to give the catering section an average score, as it was neither good nor bad, but could be improved with just a little investment.

The flight continued peacefully, and less than forty-five in the air the cabin was being secured for landing, there was little need for haste however as we had to hold over the English Channel for about 15 minutes.

We had a glorious approaching flying westbound above the River Thames then taking the infamous approach into Runway 09 at London City. This is a very fast steep approach, and with a cell of poor weather building to the north, we were treated to some beautiful views across London.


I have always held Lufthansa in high regard, and this flight reiterated by stance once again.

Frankfurt Airport whilst large and a little confusing at times is still a pleasant place to be check-in was nearly painless and security a dream. The boarding process was smooth and refined, not the cavalry charge associated with other European airlines.

On board the service was delivered with efficiency and charm, combined with a friendly crew it was a very enjoyable flight.

I enjoyed the entire, easy painless experience from booking the flight, too checking in baggage and navigating Frankfurt airport through to finally being on board the plane.

I would recommend Lufthansa, by being savvy it is possible to get some excellent value fares on both regional European flights and long haul routes.


Key Area Score Out of 10
Booking 7
Airport Experience 8
Boarding 8
Comfort 8
Catering 5
Crew 9
Onboard Overall 8.5
Overall 53.5/70