If you frequently have to travel for business or make regular long-haul flights, it can be a dull and frustrating experience spending so many hours in a confined space.

You might find it’s a good opportunity to catch up on some sleep, or you may be someone who is happy to use the time to watch a movie or chat with your fellow passengers.

However, for many time-pressed travelers, the hours spent flying represent a wasted opportunity. If this is a problem you’re familiar with, here are some ideas for ways you could use this time to your advantage.

Catching up with work matters

With laptops and tablets being so portable, and assuming you don’t encounter any restrictions on their use, being in flight is an ideal opportunity to catch up on those little administrative jobs that don’t get priority in the office.

That could include tasks such as reading and replying to non-urgent emails or getting up-to-date on industry news and other relevant publications and newsfeeds.

If you find the noise on board distracting, take some noise-canceling headphones with you to ensure peace and quiet.

Working on projects

It can sometimes be hard to find time to work on a major project or prepare a presentation when you’re at work without being interrupted.

On a long-haul flight you’ll have plenty of time to focus on your work, and if you have been having trouble making yourself tackle a particular issue, this would be a perfect opportunity to get stuck into a task you’ve been postponing or procrastinating over.

Designing a presentation is a good example of a task that many people find difficult because it means they will have to stand up and address a group, which can often feel quite uncomfortable.

Using your flight time to concentrate on planning what you want to say and how to say it will force you to get the job done. Whatever your project is, there are applications that will help you out with the design.

For example, you can make your presentation look more professional if you use the best slideshow maker, or you could use an editing tool to make an effective company video.


As well as taking care of business matters, you also need to find time to look after yourself. If you find it hard to make time for relaxation and clearing your mind in your normal working day, being on a plane will give you a great opportunity to spend some time meditating or practicing some mindfulness.

If you’re wondering why you should bother, find out more about the benefits of these techniques in reducing stress and improving health. You could take a guided meditation recording onto your flight, and use an eye pillow or mask to keep your eyes closed and block out the light. You should then reach your destination feeling alert and refreshed.

Traveling by car has far more limitations than flying when it comes to making use of your time. In the air, you have none of the responsibility of driving a car, so take advantage next time you fly and use the time more productively.