The world of air travel is in part dominated by business travelers; those flying between industrial or economic centers of power on trips to secure deals, supervise work or meet contacts.

As such, there are plenty of businesspeople at this very moment relaxing in airport lounges, from Berlin to Beirut, New York to Jakarta. 

However, this needn’t be wasted time, or time spent bored, looking through flight magazines. It’s a great opportunity to get those smaller jobs done from the comfort of your laptop and smartphone. Below are six such activities you’ll be able to cover while waiting for a flight.

Answering Emails

There are always emails in a businessperson’s inbox that they’ve placed mentally in the ‘not-so-urgent’ box.

In the cut and thrust of your usual business day, you can let these slide down your inbox as your prioritize more critical tasks and communication with more important people.

The airport is the perfect place to respond to those less urgent emails.

Creative Suggestions

Airport lounges aren’t the place for the most strident of business work, that’s something you’ll need to be in a quiet and comfortable environment to do.

But, you will have the time and the mind space to do a little creative brainstorming, which you can share with colleagues.

If you’re working on a rebrand, for instance, why not play with logo design tools to create exciting new logos before you fly.

File Organization

There’s nothing more annoying than a cluttered hard drive and a busy inbox. In the rest period between or before flights, you can enjoy a fantastic opportunity to clear your head by deleting and moving out old and useless documents and organizing other documents into useful categories and folders, making it easier to find them in the future.

Casual Calls

Business communication takes place in many forms, from the uber-professional right down to the casual and the off-the-record.

If you’ve got some time to kill in an airport, why not catch up in a casual way with a client, customer or colleague? You’ll be doing some vital network strengthening that you may otherwise not have the time to do in your busy work schedule.

News Catch-Up

Whether you browse the markets or catch up on your industry news, the act of researching and compiling information that’s applicable in your day-to-day job is a worthwhile thing to do in the ethereal space of an airport.

Sit back and browse your favorite news sites to become better informed about the movers and shakers in your particular industry.


Important if you’re flying to a meeting or indeed away from a meeting, note-taking is a great way to keep an accurate record of all the impressions and agreements that happened while you were on your business trip, or to prepare for those meetings so that you’re sharp when you head into the conference room.

After reading these six ideas for airport-based business activities, you should never again find yourself twiddling your thumbs in boredom while in transit from place to place.