Image Courtesy of Singapore Airlines

Trip Report from Singalaidean Travels.

I had the absolute privilege to fly on Singapore Airlines’ Boeing 777-300ER in First Class. Albeit being on the oldest long haul First Class product dating back to 2006, the seat was still comfortable and great for a medium haul flight.

After experiencing the best ground service I have ever had, it was soon time to head to the gate – this time, not on my feet!

Singapore Airlines First Class Buggy.

Believe it or not, the buggy ride was actually very cold and windy. The driver told me that it will be even colder during late night hours. He also shared that one of the hazards of driving the buggy around the crowded terminal would be the children running around as some of them might not notice the presence of the buggy. If you are traveling through Changi Airport with your children, do hold them by your side when you see a buggy approaching to help make their job easier!

Most passengers were already at the gate when we arrived so there was no queue for security. Boarding was called around 5 minutes later.

“Welcome back, Mr. Tay”

Singapore Airlines First Class Seat.

The First Class cabin today will be taken care of by Mr. T, Mr. W (both In-Flight Managers, a.k.a Purple Tie) and Ms. T (Green Kebaya).

Ms. T immediately came around to take my order for my welcome drink. Knowing that SQ serves both Krug and Dom onboard, I went with Krug. Hot towels were also offered shortly after.

I knew beforehand that the First Class cabin will be almost full today – with 7 out of the 8 seats taken. Still, it did not feel crowded at all.

Singapore Airlines First Class Cabin.

The Captain soon came on the blower to announce that there will be a slight delay for departure due to congestion and bad weather at the airport. I took the chance to pay the lavatory a visit, after getting confirmation from the crew that it is alright.

Most of the lavatory had a wooden finishing – in line with the color scheme of the First Class seats. Numerous amenities were also available such a cologne, perfume and even mouthwash. There were also disposable hand towels in addition to the usual paper towels.

After a slight delay of 30 minutes or so, we took off from runway 02C.

Once the seatbelt signs were switched off, the crew sprung into action. First, to give out the pajamas, slippers, socks, eyemask and Salvatore Ferragamo branded amenity kits.

I then fired up KrisWorld to keep myself entertained while the crew got themselves busy preparing for the post-takeoff beverage and brunch service. Singapore Airlines’ First Class passengers get a pair of Bose noise canceling headphones for use on the plane. The intuitive remote also has a small screen informing you of the flight time remaining.

My post-takeoff beverage order was taken before takeoff. I went with Dom.

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Wing View.

At this point in time, I decided to stop all alcohol intake as I felt a little dizzy (and “high” from alcohol). It was partly due to insufficient sleep the night before and a huge intake of alcohol both before and after takeoff. I switched to non-alcoholic drinks from then on.

Our table was then set for brunch – to which I ordered the Boston Lobster Thermidor via SQ’s “Book the Cook”. Sadly, no caviar was available on this flight possibly due to cost-cutting as previous trip reports showed caviar being served. Click on the images for captions.

After the meal service, I still felt unwell as my head was still spinning. I decided to take a nap to get the feeling away. I pushed the call button to get Mr. W to assist in setting up the bed. To get the seat into a bed, one had to stand up and pull the seatback down to reveal a bed and not using the usual reclining method.

As I stood up, I looked on patiently while Mr. W set up the bed and before I knew it, I felt very dizzy and the next thing I was lying on the floor with the entire First Class crew called over to wake me up. It felt like I was in a deep sleep but they told me that I lost consciousness briefly and a fellow passenger was quick (and nice) enough to hold me while I fell so as not to let my head hit any of the cabin fixtures. I was immediately brought up to my bed and had ice water offered to me. A huge thanks to the SQ crew for their professionalism and to the lady whom saved my head from a possible concussion (and also a possible diversion to Denpasar, the nearest airport at that time).

The Australian landscape was stunning. We also flew directly above the Red Centre but was too far from Uluru to catch a view. An awesome thing about the seats in flatbed mode – I could sit sideways and look directly at the window!

After I had enough of the bed mode, I requested Mr. W to put the seat back to its original position.

The seat in a very messy bed mode with Mr. W doing his magic.

Once that was done, I had time to explore the seat features a little more.

The crew took turns to check on me from time to time to ensure that I was perfectly alright – a very good touch.

About 2 hours before landing, the crew prepped the tables for pre-landing snack service, which left much to be desired.

As the snack service was concluded, we were approaching dusk while flying north of Adelaide, which was my ultimate destination.

Singapore Airlines’ First Class was an unforgettable experience for me, even more so because of what happened during the flight. Service delivery was smooth from start to end and the crew knew exactly what they were doing. This particular flight costs S$5500 one-way but I used miles for it – 63750 in total for a value of 8 cents per mile. While SQ has recently devalued their miles, if you have not tried First Class in your life, go for it and you will not regret it.