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Trip Report from Singalaidean Travels.

Flying Silkair was an easy decision. Taking advantage of the 50% discount on redemption, a Business Class ticket up to Chiang Mai was just 20,000 miles with taxes of $67. Silkair mostly flies the Airbus A320-200 on this route, with the exception of a few flights a week operated by the newer Boeing 737-800. However, do not be mistaken that the Airbuses are old and dated. The newest Airbus A320 was delivered to Silkair in October 2013, making it less than 4 years old!

The newest Airbus A320 was delivered to Silkair in October 2013, making it less than 4 years old!

Silkair operates out of Changi Airport Terminal 2 and I headed straight for the SilverKris Lounge after check-in, which took barely 10 seconds.

SilverKris Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 2. PHOTO: Author.

As the ex-flagship lounge before Terminal 3 opened, back in 2009, it still proudly serves thousands of travelers each day, having undergone a renovation recently. You would be hard-pressed to think that the lounge has been around for decades. Also, being the ex-flagship lounge which handled all of Singapore Airlines and Silkair flights back then, it certainly had more than enough space.

The food options were also decent, with a nice selection of hot and cold food. Alcohol was available but champagne has to be ordered individually.

I hopped over to the SilverKris Lounge at Terminal 3 next, which was even more impressive. Sadly, I had to turn left to the Business Class section and not to the right, all the way into The Private Room which I had the privilege to use earlier this year. Nonetheless, the lounge was pretty empty in the afternoon and I had endless choices of where to sit.

The food selection here was a little different but uses the same concept as the T2 SilverKris Lounge. A huge bonus, for me personally, was that they had potato gratin. It wins me over every single time!

Once onboard, I was greeted by a cheerful crew and could tell that this flight was going to be great. Contrary to its parent company, the flight attendants on Silkair behave in a more casual way, without being unprofessional. I guess this is one of the unique selling points of Silkair. The usual offerings of the hot towel and pre-takeoff beverage were then offered before we thundered down the runway.

Silkair A320 Business Class Hot Towel. PHOTO: Author.
Silkair A320 Takeoff. PHOTO: Author.

Menus were offered after takeoff – with options for the main course. From my observation, they tend to offer an Asian option and a Western option.

In-flight entertainment was provided by Silkair Studio, a service that streams entertainment content to your tablet or smartphone. A Lenovo tablet was provided for Business Class passengers but Economy Class passengers will have to bring your own device. Android users may download the Silkair Studio app in flight. A pair of earphones are also provided for Business Class passenger although I would recommend you to bring your own.

The meal service commenced around 30 minutes later, with the contents laid out in a nicely arranged tray. The tray came pretty empty as only the appetizer came with it first. Since there were no choices for the appetizer, everyone was served the same one. While being pretty vibrant in colors, the taste was slightly bland and I would have preferred it with more sauce.

Bonus: The flight attendant saw me taking photos of the main course and asked if I wanted the window shades open for more light. A very nice approach!

The ice cream was then provided and contrary to Singapore Airlines which serves Haagen Dazs (on some flights), Silkair serves the SATS Sea Salt Caramel ice cream, which Singapore Airlines serves on some of their flights too, on this flight.

I also ordered a tea after the meal and it was served with some chocolate truffles. A very nice way to pass the time on a 3-hour flight!

Silkair A320 Business Class. PHOTO: Author.

Just before the seatbelt signs were turned on for landing, the same flight attendant who offered to open the window shades approached me and asked if I could fill in a survey form. I got a Silkair branded pen in return. Of course, everything was great and they got a perfect rating.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the report, featuring my stay with an unexpected triple upgrade at Suriwongse Hotel and also the return flight where Silkair has also prepared a surprise that I will never forget.