The aircraft is fitted with its game changing, fully enclosed private suites in First Class. PHOTO: Emirates.

Luxury travel is more than looking presentable at an airport or owning the most impressive suitcase. It is about traveling in style, increasing personal comfort and enjoying a greater level of service.

With many airlines and brands aiming to provide travelers with exceptional travel experience, many people are investing in more luxe options when traveling from A to B. Find out how travelers are embracing luxury travel.

Flying Business Class

Rather than squeezing into economy, business class is a popular option for travelers wanting to enjoy a more luxurious experience.

Business Class. PHOTO: Chris Sloan.

Not only can they lie flat in their seats, but they can also enjoy airport lounge access, gourmet meals, greater travel privacy, and an onboard lounge.

A First Class Ticket

Of course, those who have a little more wiggle room in their budget could always buy a first class ticket.

PHOTO: Roger Hyde.

As a result, they can enjoy their own private room in the sky. Plus, they will receive the highest standard of customer service once they step aboard a plane.

A Private Jet

Those wanting to take their travel experience to the next level can book a private jet to their desired destination, which is the epitome of luxury travel.

Gulfstream G500, which rolled out mid-October, 2014. (Credits: Gulfstream Aerospace)

For example, if a traveler wants to view the iconic Golden Gate Bridge or explore Alcatraz, they could book a San Francisco jet charter, which can touch down at their chosen airport in the beautiful city. Travelers can also book a jet charter to accommodate their needs, such as:

  • A small jet
  • Medium jet
  • Heavy jet

What’s more, a jet charter company can develop an itinerary to complement a traveler’s schedule.

Hire a Chauffeur

Of course, once travelers touch down at a destination, they will want to make their way to their hotel in both comfort and style.

Rather than hailing a cab or jumping onto a crowded bus with other weary travelers, they could hire a car with a driver, and they could even arrange a chauffeur with their private jet charter company.

A driver will know the best routes in the city, so tourists will not need to worry about navigating their way from point A to point B.

Explore a City or Resort in a Luxury Car

Travelers who aren’t afraid to navigate their way across a city and want to explore a destination with ease should rent a luxurious car.

After all, what could be better than driving through a beautiful city, town or resort in an Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce, or Bugatti? It is guaranteed to turn many people’s heads when exploring a new city.

While the clothing a person wears and the luggage they carry can make a traveler feel glamorous, it is the journey from point A to point B that will help them to travel in utter style.

If a traveler books a business class seat or steps aboard their own private jet, it is likely they will never want to experience economy again. The possibilities are endless when it comes to luxury travel, so get out there, explore and see what you can discover!