MIAMI – Travel is often unavoidable in business. If you want to land an investor, secure a new client, or form a relationship with a key supplier, you or your team may need to travel to a destination to connect face-to-face or sign contracts.

Unfortunately, travel cannot only impact a company’s profit margin, but it can eat into a professional’s time and productivity. Fortunately, some tactics can save a company money on essential trips and improve the travel experience. Find out how to simplify business travel in four easy ways.

787-10 Business Class onboard Singapore Airlines. Photo: Chris Sloan/Airways

A One-Stop Travel Solution

Booking affordable business trips and managing multiple journeys can feel like a difficult task. For this reason, you should use a one-stop business travel solution to make the process a breeze. 

A global travel platform will allow you to secure discounts on flights, hotels, and car rentals, which can protect a company’s profitability. Plus, the pre-trip approval system can help management to monitor and manage travel bookings with ease, as they’ll receive notifications before they are ticketed.

The flight notification service can also inform a business when a flight is canceled or delayed to ensure a professional doesn’t waste one minute of their time.

Photo: LATAM

Provide Dependable Travel Tech

Reputation is everything in business. If an employee forgets a charger when traveling, they might be unable to deliver an important presentation to a client or complete important tasks outside of meetings. For this reason, you must provide your team with the appropriate travel technology before a business trip, such as a:

Photo: United Airlines

Photograph Receipts

Your hard-working staff will likely receive a mountain of receipts when traveling on business. To ensure they don’t need to foot the bill for a restaurant meal or drinks with a client, encourage them to take photographs of all receipts.

There are many mobile apps available to scan or photograph receipts, which will ensure an employee never loses an expense and can save them time once they arrive back home.

Photo: SiA

Book Flights Before Meetings

Many business travelers make the mistake of organizing a meeting and then booking a flight. However, it’s a smarter idea to book a flight first and then set a meeting time. 

Before confirming a meeting with a client, supplier, or investor, review your flight options and come back to them with a time. It could minimize a hard-working professional’s stay and, depending on their destination; they could return home the same day. It can save time and take some of the stress out of the experience.

At MIA, Air France uses Delta Sky Lounge to welcome its First and Business Class passengers. Although easy to reach from check-in area, the lounge requires a half a mile walk to reach the triple-bridge gate dedicated to AF’s A380s, also used by Lufthansa. Photo: Airways staff


Business travel doesn’t need to be complicated, expensive, or time-consuming. If you follow these handy tips, you could save your business money, maximize productivity, and avoid wasting time. It could increase the likelihood of a successful trip and provide a business traveler with a much smoother experience.

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