Whether it is just a short hop to the next country, or you are flying across the world, you are likely to want things to do to keep you busy and entertained on a flight.

There is often in-flight entertainment, such as films that you can watch, however, if you are not in the mood for a movie then you are goingto want something else to keep you busy. This guide gives you some suggestionson how to keep busy on a flight.

Play Games

Oneway to pass the time on a flight is to play games. It could be anything fromplaying cards to doing puzzles, as long as you enjoy doing it.

You might like to take advantage of the Wi-Fi and check the results on your favorite sports teams, or even place a bet or two with websites such as Unibet.

When your mind is entertained, the time will fly by.

Learn a Language

When you are traveling to a foreign country, get a head start by learning some important phrases before you arrive. Fluent In 3Months gives guidance on learning languages from a book or listening to linguistic programs such as Babble.

You’ll find that you will have more confidence in your destination country, especially in situations where you need to communicate clearly.


When you are on a flight, you have some time away from all the normal distractions you usually have.

Put that time to good use by getting a pen and writing things on a notepad. It could be anything from working out your to-do list to penning the first draft of the book you always wanted to write.

Writing things down isa way of ordering your thoughts, and if you usually lead a busy lifestyle, along flight can sometimes give you just the time you need to mentally refresh.

Make Friends

The person sitting next to can be a good companion to talk with, as long as they are willing to do so.

It can be really interesting to get to know a stranger and get a peek into someone else’s life for a while. You could ask them questions about why they are traveling, what their hobbies are, or their job.

Take your cues from the other person and conversation will flow. Bear in mind though, not everyone wants to chat on aflight, so if you sense that they would rather not talk, don’t push it.

Take a Nap

When you don’t have anything else to do on a flight, it is a great chance to catch up on your sleep.

Read some pointers on the best way to sleep through Mental Floss. While sleeping on a flight can sometimes be tricky, you can help yourself by using a cover for your eyes and reclining your seat.

Having a nap may also help with jet lag when you reach your destination.

While on a flight, you have to sit for long periods of time without all of your usual things to do. However, see it as a chance to try something new, learn and have fun!