A mere four or five years ago, in-flight WiFi was considered an overpriced luxury, available exclusively to business class travelers. However, as of 2019, there are now dozens of major airlines which offer WiFi to all passengers, while a record eight airlines now offer completely free WiFi across all ticket types.

What’s more, airplane WiFi is improving rapidly, allowing for better speed and connectivity than ever before and ensuring that excruciatingly dull long-haul flights are a thing of the past.

If you’re about to hop on a fully connected flight sometime soon, here are the best ways to make use of that sweet, sweet WiFi. 

Plan Your Trip

Arguably, the best way to ensure that your flight flies by is to spend it planning for the trip ahead.

You can make use of your WiFi to get the scoop on all of the best restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and museums in your destination, meaning that you won’t have to use any of your precious vacation time to do so once you’re there.

Source: Pixabay

Even better, you can use all-in-one travel planner apps like TripIt to do your research and compile your findings all into one place. 

Catch Up On Work

This may not sound like the most fun way to spend a long-haul flight, but it could save you plenty of grief later on.

Even if your WiFi connection isn’t the fastest, you can spend your flight catching up on emails and ensuring everything is in place for when you return to the real world.

If you’re flying for business purposes, you could use your flight to better prepare for the trip ahead and liaise with any business partners you may be meeting on the ground.

Play Some Online Games 

Sometimes the best way to experience a flight is to distract yourself from it completely.

Rather than having to download another edition of Angry Birds for your journey, you’ll now be able to play online games such as slots, poker, and blackjack throughout your journey, for real money.

Before you fly, it is recommended to do your research on the best online games providers at sites such as Bonus.ca, with their expert Bonus Money Guides which let you know where you can play the best games for the best value. 

Keep in Touch

If you’re a particularly emotional kind of traveler, you might find that using your WiFi to keep in touch with loved ones back home will help you enjoy your trip more.

Perhaps you’re starting to miss your spouse or wish to let your parents know that you’re doing okay. Or maybe you just don’t want to miss out on the latest roasts and memes in the group chat.

Whatever your preference, even low-quality WiFi will allow you to keep in touch with whoever you want throughout the duration of your flight, so that you never really feel far from home. 

It won’t be long before WiFi on planes is just a universal feature. Once it is, it’ll pay to know the best ways to use it so that your flights stay fun.