Boeing 787 roll out. Photo: Mark Handel.

MIAMI – Today in Aviation marks the 13th anniversary since the Boeing 787 rolled out in Everett, Washington. We remember the first public look of the Dreamliner on July 8, 2007.

The maiden flight of the model was scheduled by the end of that year. However, the 787 suffered various delays and was in 2009 when it took to the skies for the first time.

787 Dreamliner Premier – Everett, WA – July 8, 2007
Photo: Airways Magazine.

Roll Out Ceremony

The first Boeing 787, a 787-8 variant, registered as N787BA, rolled out of the hangar of Boeing’s plant in Everett, Washington on the morning of July 8, 2007.

The event was attended in person and virtually through live streaming by 30,000 employees and over 100 million people, respectively, according to Boeing’s PR team.

The Dreamliner featured the manufacturer’s blue and white paint scheme with the promise of changing the way aircraft and long-haul travel were being carried out at the time.

The public decided the name “Dreamliner” with around 500,000 votes.
Photo: Yasuhiko Obara from Wikimedia Commons.

A New Phase in Boeing’s Aircraft Design

Under the name of 7E7, later called 787, Boeing announced in 2003 a new aircraft project to replace all its passenger jets. The program had many delays before it finally rolled out on the tarmac at Everett.

In that year, the company held a contest to name the first model of the Yellowstone program. The winner was “Dreamliner.”

To know more about the history of the Boeing 787, you can read yesterday’s article on the type by our beloved European editor James Field.

The aircraft uses and Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engine.
Photo: The National.

Today in Aviation Bonus: Ryanair First Scheduled Service

Today in Aviation also marks Ryanair’s (fR) first scheduled service between Ireland and Britain on 8 July 1985.

On that same day, Michael Ryan reported for RTÉ News that FR would start daily service between Waterford and Gatwick Airport in London, the first route launched by the Irish carrier.  A group of local businessmen boarded the 15-seater Embraer Bandeirante aircraft flying to London.

Michael Ryan report on Ryanair’s maiden flight in 1985. Courtesy: RTÉ News.

The First International Flight from Waterford

Ryanair’s maiden flight was the first international scheduled air service from Waterford, making it Ireland’s fourth international airport. It was hoped that the new route would make the south-east of Ireland more attractive to business and industry.

The new service was initially aimed at businessmen, with an outward flight from Waterford at 8.30 am and a return one 12 hours later, so that they could have a full day in London without having to overnight. FR flights from Dublin airport to Luton followed in May 1986.