Here’s the summary of our newest issue, just for you! The 272nd issue of Airways Magazine since 1994:

Luigi Vallero takes us to SalamAir, Oman’s first low-cost carrier, which smashes the stereotype with an innovative model in one of the world’s most competitive air travel markets.

Sebastian Schmitz  showcases one of Japan’s popular destinations, Miyazaki, a friendly city of around 400,000 inhabitants and its growth relies on a booming tourism industry and its airport.

3, 2, 1… Prepare for take off!

BK Tan flies from Singapore to New York on a Singapore Airlines
Airbus A380-800 Suite in once-in-a-lifetime luxury.

Turkish Airlines readies a major expansion thanks to Istanbul’s new Airport set to open on October 29. Our editor-in-chief, Enrique Perrella reports.

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Can you imagine flying on an old turboprop from the Soviet era?
Sebastian Schmitz did just that, taking an Antonov An-28 on a domestic flight in Tajikistan.

As this review comes to an end, take a look back with David H. Stringer on the history of Western Airlines in the times of Champagne Flights and Hunt Breakfasts.

Last but not least, John Marshall flies back in time to an adventure in the land down under.

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