Here’s the summary of our newest issue, just for you! The 262nd issue of Airways Magazine since 1994:

AvGeeks! What a year, right?

December issue has arrived to wave goodbye another successful year of magazines, events, and engagement with people around the world!

Let’s begin with the Airways Feature. 27 years passed since the four-engine jet’s Swiss debut. In this issue, you’ll jump onboard, with Andreas Spaeth, to experience the last flight of the Avro RJ100, also known as Jumbolino, in the SWISS Air Lines fleet.

Gather around with Cody Diamond and Jannik Femerling to fly on two of Alaska Airlines’ retired Boeing 737-400 Combis to the northernmost point of the US.

Now, fly Virgin Australia, the country’s second-largest airline after Qantas, and go down under to meet Ian Holland. But don’t get too comfortable, because then you’ll join Guy Zunino at a piece of France in the Indian Ocean named Réunion Island, and learn the Roland Garros Airport’s upcoming challenges.

Taking into consideration that we’re in Europe, let’s jump next to Rohan Anand that explores Aeroflot’s Premium Economy by flying from New York to Moscow.

Have you ever wondered why Vancouver International Airport services more Chinese airlines than any other city outside of Asia? Ken Donohue gives every detail regarding that scenario.

Furthermore, Maurice Wickstead continues with the second part in his history of the iconic Belgian carrier, Sabena. This chapter will take you back in time to the dawn of the Jet Era until the airline’s sour demise in 2001.

Last but not least, Clay Taylor recalls his life experiences in the industry and explains in his story titled ‘The Mand and its Tentacles’ how long those tentacles can be.

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Cheers to a new magnificent Av-nificent year!

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