Here’s the summary of our newest issue, just for you! The 261st issue of Airways Magazine since 1994:

The best way to kick off a new month is with a stunning cover. What do you think about November’s cover? Awesome, right?!

Now, are you interested in unusual but one-of-a-kind experiences? This might be your lucky day! Andreas Rohde explains the 2-minute journey to cross the world with fly Dubai Helicopter Services. Only in Dubai!

After your time in Dubai, you might want to check your email, because we have sent a flight schedule from Dubai International Airport to Munich Airport. Sebastian Schmitz introduces Europe’s ever-growing airport and details about its development through the years.

Taking into consideration that we’re in Europe, let’s jump next to our Managing Editor and Senior Partner, Chris Sloan, that values Norwegian’s long-haul low-cost Premium Economy product by flying from Oslo to Fort Lauderdale.

Have you ever wondered about what happens to an airplane once it reaches the end of its operational life? Robin Evans explains the recycling process, which is the next destination for the aircraft.

Drum roll, please… Supersonic travel is back! Andreas Spaeth interviews the CEO of Boom, Blake Scholl, which is breaking paradigms as it progresses towards its first flight. AvGeek Fact: The Supersonic test flights are estimated for 2019, with customer deliveries in 2023.

Here at Airways, we enjoy traveling back in time, and this issue isn’t the exception.

Let’s begin the throwback experience with the first chapter of the colorful history of Belgium’s flag carrier, Sabena Airways. Maurice Wickstead takes us back to the early years of the airline and to the role it played in the turbulent first half of the 20th Century. And then, Charles Kennedy recalls the Boeing 747 Special Performance program, which not only set milestones but also introduced nonstop service to some of the world’s most remote locations.

To conclude the November issue, you might get goosebumps reading the following story. A Yellowbird finds a flock during takeoff… and the game is on! Rand Peck remembers his father’s close call during a bird strike back in the late 1960s. 

That’s a wrap for this issue, AvGeeks. Until the next one! We’d love to talk more about this issue, but wouldn’t you prefer to discover it yourself? Now available at our Store and on the newsstands!