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First things first. Happy 4th of July Av-Geek! I hope that you enjoy to the max with your family, friends, and neighbors.

That said, let’s get started.

Viking Air, which is based in Victoria, recovered the DHC-6 Twin Otter, and for the past five years has been building them. Ken Donohue made a special review about the small yet wealthy carrier.


Despite several years of turbulence and commotion in its home country, Andreas Spaeth exhibits the history of TAAG Angola.

Gather around with Joanne Swift for a guided tour at the Pan Am Museum Foundation. The name ‘Pan Am’ evokes many firsts in the history of air travel. Swift will report on the many ways that the Pan Am Museum Foundation is raising funds to develop a museum commemorating the iconic carrier and, of course, its legacy.

Did you know Skiathos Island National Airport (JSI) is often called the ‘European Saint Maarten’? Let’s join Sebastian Schmitz on a refreshing visit to this plane spotters Eden and discover the flying jewels that this airport possess.


Did you know that United’s Island Hopper Flight 154 is a lifeline for the residents of the islands it serves? Sit next to Jeb Brooks as he takes you on a journey through Micronesia on a 14-hour flight from Honolulu to Guam.

Public figures are always subject to controversies and, normally, their stories have two sides. The pioneer of the long-haul low-cost model, Sir Freddie Laker isn’t the exception and is usually considered a disruptor of the airline industry. Michael Manning in a detailed article presents the first of two parts of Laker’s unusual story.


In the last This Month in the Airways I told you, referring to Airlines of Alaska in the Mid-20th Century, “Let us know if you enjoyed this first chapter! There’s more to come.” If you do remember or not, we brought the second part of that amazing story. Isn’t that great? With David Stringer, you’re going to revive the colorful years when Pacific Northern Airlines and Reeve Aleutian Airlines were dedicated to serving the brand-new 49th state.

To conclude this issue, fly back in time with John Marshall to the 50s. You’re going to visit San Francisco Airport (SFO), the place that he considered as the beginning and the end of his 43-year flying career.

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